Zach sounds like you are trying to clarify where SingularDTV stands and the function of SNGLS. In Europe the Collective Investment Scheme Rules suggest any token that offers something as a reward, return, dividend, profit share is an Unauthorised Financial Instrument. So a Foundation is a natural approach but defers the issue. Because as you correctly state: the issue is the SEC and Regulatory definition of a “Security” and they are in no rush to change it..

The SEC and other Authorities choose to take the Securities view because they 1. are scared of them 2. want to control them. And yet the SEC stands back and lets banks rob us.

Remember: “Ignorance is Strengthened” they rely on the public not knowing, on vague rules that capture everything.

A Token/Coin is NOT money, it is a software transport mechanism to exchange value between two or more parties, with an open balance. Sitting on ‘rails’ that are not owned by anyone.

The value of a Token is decided by the CROWD something the SEC and other regulators and Authorities hate. Because they cannot tamper with its value. So the SEC will never stop trying to 1. discredit cryptocurrencies 2. will attack those people and business that use them as a legitimate means of raising new source of capital. Because Fractional Reserve banking doesnt work, the the PEOPLE dont trust banks, government or regulators.

Good try though…

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Nick Ayton is a Deep Tech advisory to Boardrooms & Investors, Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain specialist. Futurist speaker. Film Maker

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