We the People, post Covid19 demand…

The People require answers, committment and truth…

A post Covid19 world is likely to be different is many ways as our behaviours and activities have adjusted to what many consider will be a new norm. Where social distancing, a focus on hygiene, avoiding crowds and confined spaces where many people gather, will continue.

The public have many questions and concerns not just about the handling of the crisis and why the UK has ended up one of the worst hit countries. The primarily question on everyones mind.

We the People…

What comes next?

How do we start to lift the ‘lock down’ ?

And what does a new normal look like?

The Peoples Charter

The people demand the following issues and commitments from UK Government, a list of demands that can be applied to all governments. For the UK this follows the Covid19 Act that passed (sneaked) through parliament in March 2019 without consultation with the people or anyone.

Will these new laws be repealed when this crisis has passed? The people of the UK require assurances, truths and decisions to carry us forward, the help us recover from this crisis. The nine items in this article forms the basis of a Peoples Charter as we require information, answers and new commitments from UK Government.

“We the people”:

First, the people demand the companies who provide mass transit and transportation services (trains, tubes, buses) are forced to deliver a safe environment for their customers. There can be no more overcrowding, people packed in using every part of standing room. Forced to be on top of one another. There can be no more unhygienic and dirty carriages that with Covid19, are seen as potential ‘death traps’.

These companies, in my area of the UK Southwest Trains SWT, must provide assurance to passengers and deliver the ability for passengers to travel safely. The must provide additional facilities for ensuring personal safety and hygiene, this may include cleaning stations, UV spectrum light or other means of reducing the risk and spread of infection.

These changes must be enforced by government because all too often these service providers push up prices annually without delivering any improvement of services, and for decades have been a conduit for transportation of colds and flu’s. Overcrowding and taking the money for deliver mediocre services that carry a health risk cannot be tolerated.

Second, the people demand those deemed ‘essential workers’ that a few months ago were considered unimportant, low paid or unskilled workers are paid to reflect their importance and amazing role during this crisis, and beyond. The people demand assurances these heroes (nurses, porters, deliver drivers, care workers, supermarket staff, and other front line staff) are rewarded and receive pay based on a re-calbration of essential workers, and for keeping things going and every day placing their lives at risk of infection.

The people demand UK Government comes to the right decision. Who are essential workers and services in a post Covid19 world?

Are essential workers those that provide our national infrastructure, healthcare, the provision of food, drugs and social care in the community. Essential supply chains and delivery services. Personal services for mental health, funeral and cremations services. Health and safety, security and judicial systems to ensure law and order are maintained. They not bankers, traders, politicians, vicars, estate agents, landlords, civil servants etc…

What is the definition of essential services in a post Covid19 world?

What will be deemed non essential services? The people want assuances the businesses that represent an inherent risk, because the business model relies on lots of people entering an enclosed area, secondary to core public services, are identified. Exhibitions and conferences, concerts, pubs, restaurants, sporting events…What is the UK Government’s plan for these going forward? Are they essential? Necessary? Will they need to be regulated differently? How will they operate?

Third, the people demand ‘testing kits’ to be available for everyone NOW! The people should be allowed to know their condition before and after interactions with others. The people want to know why the UK government is not and hasn’t been focused on testing? Why have so few people been tested and why the government targets have been missed?

Is testing not at the very cornerstone of any society/community returning to some kind of new norm? Deliveriung the confidence required for people to move around again? When are testing kits for everyone going to be available? Is this not central to everything going forward?

Will the UK be rolling out a Viral Tracing solution? A data driven mobile app similar to other countries but without mass surveillance rationale, to identify infection hotspots and areas and others of high risk. A useful tool, for the people to protect the people… Will self attestation be the only way going forward to show others you are a low risk person?

Four, the people demand the directors of companies ‘bailed outusing tax payers and government debt are not allowed to use the money for ‘share buybacks, to bolster their share price and ensure their option and bonuses are delivered. They people want assurances the capital has to be used to keep workers employed and customers supported. That billionaire owners are required to deploy their own capital first to keep businesses going and not rely on hand outs.

The people demand non essential corporations are not given priority over those businesses that are critical to the UK way of life, that support and are part of communities and peoples day to day needs. That big business are not given preferred treatment over small and local community and family businesses, that have proven to be invaluable during this crisis.

Five, the people demand that credit agencies do not penalise the people who are struggling at this time. Why is it the people have not been told that any delays in payments or meeting obligations regardless they will lower your credit rating? That by taking the government advise it will impact your ability to pick up your life after the crisis has passed.

The UK Gov advertise, even suggests households should apply for a mortgage holiday, without declaring this will negatively impact your credit rating. The same goes for Credit Card payment holidays. Why are the credit card companies not offering support for the people? Lowering their high cost of capital from 22% to less than 10% to help out, given wholesale bank borrowing is less than 1%.

The people demand the agencies Experian and Equifax should not be allowed to penalise the people already on their knees. Financially impacted by government decisions for lock down. The people want to know why the UK government is allowing this? Given the UK Government directive for ‘lock down’ is hurting people financially and collapsing the economy, lowering the value of savings, the value of assets and buying power of sterling, as the printing presses start to roll again.

The people demand support that is offered to help small businesses is actually delivered. Currently it isn’t working quickly enough and applications take too long. The people want to know why billions of government bails out to the banks and financial institutions happens without hold up. And delivering capital support to British small businesses seems to be a lower priority?

The people want to know what the UK government is going to do about the hundreds of thousands of students who cannot attend Universities, have signed agreements to rent houses they are not allowed to return too, and where universities are now closed. Yet landlords supported by Estate Agents still demand payment of rent, and failure to pay impacts credit scores and future references. The government ordered Universities to close after all?

Is the tenant is not able to enjoy the service for which they have paid, therefore be released for the tenancy agreement or indeed compensated?

Six, the people demand and want to be assured that foreign countries and companies that do not have the UK’s best interests at heart, are NOT allowed to acquire failing UK businesses. Specifically infrastructure related, airlines and other assets that can be used against the British people.

The people do not want our failing companies, hurt by this crisis, being taken over by countries that do not have our best interests at heart.

Seven, the people demand UK Government gets behind a Hygiene Act that forces businesses and services providers to demonstrate they have and are taking the necessary steps to protect public health and limit spread of infection.

The people know the UK Government didn’t have a plan this time to handle Covid19. And they have mentioned it is likely a pandemic will happen again. The people require the UK Government to show us they have a plan ‘the plan’ for how they intend to handle the next outbreak of a deadly virus. Public confidence relies in this.

Eight, the people demand the UK Government support or deny claims by the media that Covid19 was engineered in a lab in Wuhan, China and/or came from the animal food chain or another source? The media has made numerous claims and the people want to the media to show us the evidence? For UK Gov to validate the evidence and report to the people their findings.

Nine, We the people have done out bit, we will continue to do our bit, and now the people expect the UK Government should answer these and other concerns listed above…

Nick Ayton is a Deep Tech advisory to Boardrooms & Investors, Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain specialist. Futurist speaker. Film Maker

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