Everything you need to know about STOs

The definitive guide for businesses to create new Securities and Asset Classes to enhance capital raising

Well not quite everything…

  • Enabling trading tokens between holders in different jurisdictions
  • Catering for the local laws where the holder resides
  • Logic Triggers, when the number of token holders exceeds 2000 for example the US consider this as a public offering
  • New approaches to handling private keys and the options for recovery and re-set, where regulators concerns remain, as assets cannot be stranded if they are traded on markets, as this will impact price and hurt liquidity
  • Rights to recall and kick out bad actors, preventing trading before tokens are exchange off-market, resulting in regulatory fines and closure
  • Real time monitoring of Treasury, Cap Tables, Settlement and Reporting
  • Fractionalisation challenges of… I will let you decide.
  • Automated settlement
  • Real Time fraud prevention
  • Interoperability with other systems and exchanges
  • Remember tokenisation offers fractional ownership, not seen before
  • Rapid and soon to be automated, close to real-time settlements
  • Reduced direct trading costs
  • Automated distribution of assets, dividends and payments
  • Better liquidity and market depth
  • Automated compliance and reporting
  • Asset class interoperability

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