The Dilution of Humanity

Nick Ayton
10 min readApr 22, 2023

Disclaimer: Yes I wrote this article, complete with the odd typo, my take on things, a few grammar imperfections. Yes I did all the work, and yes it isn’t perfect. The very clue to who wrote it!

How AI one ‘prompt’ at a time is taking over…

I often come across many people saying they wrote a new story, article, script -mentioning they asked ChatGPT. It’s odd as they believe they wrote it because they asked a question — came up with the PROMPT. When indeed it’s not your work at all, and you cannot claim it as such. Maybe the genesis of the idea was yours, but a large language model took this away as a question or sentence and did 99% of the work. Don’t be so DUMB as to claim it as yours, as ChatGPT could indeed prove it is theirs, written by them! You’ve lost the copyright before you’ve started and thus the option to monetise it.

I heard a story about an angry person asked ChatGPT to write a note to a sibling sort of apologising and explaining the issues he had. This person didn’t have the courage, bottle or desire to write it himself. Is this what being humanity now looks like. We pass the problem and output to something else? Humans can write a simple apology from the heart. An AI will just write.

We already have bland boring articles in publications, bland boring essays written by AI text generation models. These models use the combined knowledge of many articles to spit out something that might have todays date on it, which is probably the only original feature. The article uses what has been written before and rephrases it, para-phrases it — so that Google sees the content as unique, and free from copyright claims (which it isn’t). The language model owns the content, read the T&Cs. Oh that’s right you haven’t. Is this what human writing has come down to, asking a text generator to put a different spins on an old or someone else’s story, news or research?

Being Human

The issue is not just the dilution of what it is to be human, the oddities, frailties and imperfections, it is also to do with already being marginalised by AI, as everyone mentions how…



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