The 21Million Project — the inside story…

January 2020

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I guess often the ‘making of’ the film is as interesting as the story itself. Often many films and TV shows almost never got made as the founders, artists, directors and studios just fall out, don’t see eye to eye, or get along… So it’s no surprise here. However, in the case of 21Million the bust up was not due to creative differences, it was due to something far darker.

The Project.

The objective of the 21Million Project was to raise capital from the cryptocurrency market to make a pilot episode (sampler) for a film or TV show. The project tried to break the mould in Film and Entertainment where creators, writers and film-makers found it increasingly difficult to break through and get their chance.

The Official Release.

The 21Million Project was one of a few projects funded using an ICO to deliver on any level. The project was delivered on 18th August 2019 the day the pilot was filmed. The project raised just enough capital to make the short film.

The short film introduces the ideas and concepts for the series was shown on 13th December 2019, the official release called HSAH#, screened at SOHO House in London. Yet despite the best efforts of David Lofts, an ex colleague, a total liability and sociopath, who I sacked, we did indeed manage to deliver.

It is common knowledge that Mr Lofts and I do not get along, as per emails and letters he has published from time to time, and the recent article. However as usual these turn out to be fake. In early 2018 I made a commercial decision to eject Mr Lofts from the project and the company. He was a liability to himself and the business after claiming content that wasn't his as the new story, and his constant actions, hiring people and buying things without paying brought a flow of CCJs against me and the company I had to settle out of court. Of course while being a director, he failed in his fiduciary duties and obligations to backers of the project. This is well documented between our company lawyers and Mr Loft’s.


As the 100% shareholder of the business I was entitled to sack Mr Lofts. And his misdemeanours are well documented. He also continues to hire On Yavin to do his dirty work and make slanderous and libellous remarks.

The original 21Million story was not his. He engaged two film makers in Brighton to come up with the ideas, and then claimed their work as his own.

Below the note from Mr Sands writer and producer who was hired by Mr Lofts to create the story, come up with the look and feel (style guide), to build the main plot and characters. All work Mr Lofts then presented as his own and then he refused to pay them, resulting in a CCJ. I spoke to the Sand’s who were reasonable people and I paid their invoices in April 2018. He then sent me this note.

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Mick Sands explaining how David Lofts operates

The original story by not Mr Lofts.

We couldn’t use the original concepts from Mr Lofts or via Mr Sands for obvious reasons. And the company was named 21Million so there was not much question who owned the name.

A fresh screenplay was created through 2018, and an entirely new scripted screen play for a Season opener film and episodes 1&2 have been created around an entirely new story line, characters and plots. The copyright accroding to Clinton’s LLP my laywers remains with me.

The Backlash.

Despite the finger pointing by Mr Lofts, his accomplice On Yavin the accusation that were not backed up with any supporting evidence. Mr Lofts, a person who holds extreme left wing socialist views, is also very good at playing the victim. He managed to garner support from On Yavin an inexperienced and clearly gullible editor at Cointelligence, to push a campaign to damage me, various members of my family, the project and the company.


However whilst these unsubstantiated claims remain, The 21Million Project was successfully delivered 13th December 2019 by me and by me alone. The end of a three year journey, culminating in my need to re-write the screenplay and script. The pilot was the culmination of what was promised in the original white paper. To deliver a pilot show with the budget received, in this case $434k in Ethereum at a rate of $350, can be seen here..

The transaction can be found here:

The PILOT Seen here:


What has Mr Lofts delivered?

Let us look at what Mr Loft’s has delivered, and for that matter his accomplice Mr Yavin. Nothing whatsoever it seems. Zero, zip. Instead they looked for every opportunity to attack the project.

I guess this sums them up.

You be the judge.

A pilot episode of a TV Series that follws our hero Josh a cryptopgraher who makes a discovery that gets his team killed.

Author: Nick Ayton

Nick Ayton is a Deep Tech advisory to Boardrooms & Investors, Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain specialist. Futurist speaker. Film Maker

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