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Be part of something bigger…

This is your opportunity to get your product, logo and brand in a new TV mini series that mirrors the advancement AI as an existential risk to everything. Its impact on national security, the financial systems, where in combination with a Quantum reality the threat level has increased to defcom 10. Orange, red and purple alert…signalling severe threat levels.

As we brace ourselves for the most violent revolution of our time, the Quantum Computing Revolution, there remains so few people that are aware of what has just arrived at the station. An advancement in thinking, of approach and of course ‘brute force’ massively parallel computing, so profound it renders all other recent technological, scientific and biotech discoveries as bit parts, in an increasingly influential new story of our human civilisations path in the course of the next 30 years, to conquer space or to a machine controlled oblivion.

It is interesting that the big screen rarely do justice to new technologies as we see a plausible future in Blade Runner, or the world as a construct, a simulation in the Matrix, or indeed the Rise of the Machine in the Terminator series as AI is manifested as the destructor of the human race. All struggle with technical accuracy which isn’t surprising given the manifestation of real Quantum Computers, wasn't considered back then, nor would the real implications to advance and or end humankind be confirmed as it is now.

How will the story play out? How will it end? What can we do to restrain the advancement of AI, given it is already out of the box, and like a virsus will mutate and change to defend itself. How Quantum Computing has already re-written the rules of physics and science…

The Discovery…

In the past few months after many trials and tribulations in getting a new project to market, we have arrived at our very own inflection point, as 21Million Productions Ltd produces a new TV mini series. Partially funded by crypto of course the production involves short film specialists get Shorty who made the rather excellent Skid Row Marathon and has the BAFTA winning director of photography Lorenzo Levrini in the hot seat.

With 21Million set against its own controversy, the story follows a group of young computer scientists and cryptographers that make a discover [sorry can’t give the game away yet]. A discovery that starts them on a dangerous journey, as they, like other Rationalists (mirrored as Social Realists) are increasingly concerned about the existential threat of Artificial General Intelligence. A TV Mini series that plays out the All at Once tech landscape, from Machine Learning to Augmented reality, from Nano tech to Quantum Dots, from Deep Fake to Deep State, from AI Grids to extending human longevity…

Short Film Trailer

This summer in Shoreditch the tech-hub part of London, we are filming the short film as a trailer for what is to come and sets up what is to come in Season 1.

Genre: suspense tech thriller, drama, science-fact

Get noticed — Product and Brand Placements:

If you would like your company and/or product featured in the trailer now is your time to think about product placement, branding and what is to come. We have several brands involved but we do have room for a few more:

Be seen in glorious 4K on the big screen.

Two scenes: we have openings for products and logos to be shown on screen to support the scenes.

Three scenes: we can show logos on equipment and the back of laptops that are in shot thorughout the scene.

Some of the cast are wearing T shirts that can also provide good visibility for brands and company logos.

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn or email me at NickAyton@21MillionTV.com

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