News: 21Million Token Holder & Fan Update

April 2018

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For Immediate Release:
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Dear 21Million Holder & Fan

Announcement David Lofts will be leaving the 21Million Project

After 9 months in control of the 21Million Project, David Lofts who is Creative Director & Executive Producer will be leaving the 21Million Project with immediately effect. 21Million Token buyers have raised their concerns given the lack of progress with the project citing the project milestones on the website had been missed by several weeks.

Obviously David Lofts did not respond well to this decision because a few weeks ago I decided to step in to get the 21Million Project timetable back on track. In January 2018 I stood down the production team because David had not yet produced a suitable script for the trailer, from which a workable production schedule can be created. The story line was also not fully developed to create Season 1 that was important for our next phase of funding. The project had lost direction and focus under David’s control and I have one single objective which is to get the project back on track.

David is of course feeling aggrieved and regretfully he has responded with claims and accusations in Letters to token holders about the Company whilst also holding the role of Director. After receiving this letter some of you contacted me to share your frustration the project was behind schedule and you had not been kept informed.

As much as it disappoints me, David has not delivered on his obligations and aspects of his behaviour has been a concern for some time which now leaves me with no other choice but to remove David from his current role and as a director of 21Million Productions Ltd and Children of Satoshi Ltd.

David is of course disconsolate and because he is feeling aggrieved he is continuing to issue notices and make accusations about the project and me on social media and in the press our legal team is handling. It is a shame it has come to this.

David also has denied the Company access to the website and our team has been locked out of the email account.

Warning: If you receive an email from it will not be from me and its content cannot be relied upon. The team have not had access to emails for several weeks or social media sites, and David has access to unauthorised correspondence from the email servers. David also controls the Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and may use these channels to vent his frustrations as he has done previously.

A new Company website is being created that will publish regular progress updates and links to resources that will keep token holders and fans updated.

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The 21Million Project continues at pace!

However, there is a lot of great news to share. In the past few weeks I have already agreed a new distribution deal with Bingeable Networks to make the Trailer/Pilot and secured their support to fund and make Season 1 of the 21Million TV series. This is a great deal for 21M token holders and gives our project a reach of 300M fans through their platform. Something that we could not achieve using David’s model of local distribution. A formal Press Release will follow this message.

The story line for the series is now being created as a complete Season for the TV show rather than a short trailer, which will also provide income longevity for the project overall and will open up more options to syndicate the TV show globally and of course get Season 1 estimated at $12m fully funded.

The TV show given the excitement and buzz around crypto currencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain was always going to be bigger than David was aiming as early versions of the story to told as a film meant we were never going to do it justice, to wake people up to the Bitcoin Revolution that is all around them. The story requires a TV series to play out all of the conspiracy theories that surround Bitcoin and of course who is behind Bitcoin, is it really Satoshi Nakamoto.

We have an outline story board for Season 1 and we are in discussions with several experienced script writers who have a track record of delivering successful TV shows to accelerate the project and help us make up lost ground.

As you will be aware I remain a vocal supporter and evangelist of Crypto Currencies and Blockchain as a movement for change. and for good.

If you would like to contact me directly please email:

Nick Ayton
Director & Shareholder
21Million Productions Ltd


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