My house talks to me and tells me what’s going on, it makes decisions for me and looks after my welfare…does yours?

Nick Ayton
6 min readApr 14, 2022

A home is the most expensive and important asset most of us will ever own. It holds our memories, our possessions and is the environment most of us rely on the keep us safe, especially during Covid. But here is the thing, why doesn’t your home talk to us? Tell us what’s going on? Warn us? Make decisions? Help us live a better life?

Homes are not even a Web2 world as they generate lots of data nobody collects and does something with. Certainly not during, always after. The world we live in is a Web3 world where our actions and lifestyle generate data and insights smart business owners know they can turn into value, in this case for the occupants.

A home should make decisions, optimise our lives, and look after us as our fortress in a post Covid world, after all my car (an Audi) talks to me and even books itself in for a service and oil change. It makes decisions for me, assists me while driving, warns me if I drift lanes, automatically brakes for me (bit annoying), reports on upcoming weather and read conditions, delivers data back to the manufacturer, but not yet the insurer. And I can manage my car from my App — lock it, start the car, put on the heating and measures and monitor any faults. I can see where its parked and if it moves without my permission — I can lock it and shut it down if stolen. This is a Web3 car.

Shouldn’t your home be able to do the same…

Current Smart Homes arn’t so smart?

We are sold smart home technology is Alexa, or Echo that listen? I threw mine out because the data it collects (conversations) are private, and the owner/user is not rewarded for anything. Help with shopping lists is boring? Turning lights on and off, controlling IoT devices is boring too. Labour saving but not optimised…these devices are not smart at all.

They can never be smart as they are not connected to the fabric of the building and their purpose is to listen,. learn and try to sell you stuff based on ‘eavesdropping’...

A real smart home eliminate all fire risk. A real smart home manages air quality that is linked to illness and cognitive performance as air quality in the home is…



Nick Ayton

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