It is time for the people to invoke Article 61 — The Lawful Rebellion

Nick Ayton
14 min readApr 11, 2019

When injustice becomes law (BREXIT) Resistance becomes duty!

Opinion piece.

It is apparent the UK Government has failed the people and not performed their constitutional and sovereign duty… There are many examples where the government has vandalised the constitution and actively moving against the people who elected them. Considered by many as a series of unlawful and treasonous acts; acts for which the people have the right to hold them accountable…

Written into the constitution and various bills that support Article 61, the people have the right to withdraw their consent for any government that is not prepared to hold up and support the constitution and rule of law!

“The public place trust in our politicians is a matter of contract law requring them to perform this duty. To preserve our spiritual and civil rights and properties, a legal duty to protect the constitution”.

Time for real change

It is worth remembering: The government work and represent the people. The people do not work for the government. Article 61 is there to protect the people for a tyrannical government, a situation that appears for failure to deliver Brexit vote.

The UK has a constitutional crisis that remains unresolved...

It is fortunate there are historic laws that remain in force today, that cannot be repealed. The people have the right to deploy Article 61 to protect the people from government behaving in an unjust manner and working against the wishes of the people. The government of the day has not delivered Brexit that was voted for as a result of a referendum set by the political system. It was their vote.

Theresa May and her party is not delivering for 17.4m UK people and this is not allowed by the UK constitution. The European court of law has continued to undermine UK’s constitutional rights and our government has let them write new laws and imposed them on the UK population, which is unlawful.

Government rely on the people being dumb, stupid and ignorant. It is important people wake up, become informed and understand the options before them that includes the Lawful Rebellion…

The government refuses to reach agreement of BREXIT, they appear to be secretly changing the deal, relying on the people to remain stupid, introducing constant delays that are not legally available. It would appear there is no law that supports a delay beyond 29th march and many will argue Brexit has already happened. The UK government appears to be out of control and looking to commit the UK to a deal that is constitutionally unlawful, and will damage the UK for decades to come.

It is likely the people will insist those is power, across parliament are removed before they commit the UK to decades of servitude and serfdom by an unelected state called the EU, ignoring the Constitutional Rights of the people of the United Kingdom. How can the people make this happen?

It can be argued the government never had constitutional permission to enter the European Union in 1973, and since 1973 a series of UK governments have agreed to EU laws that breach fundamental constitutional rights of UK citizens, in Common Law, and the people were not consulted.

Instead the people are subject to a series of manipulations and lies, propagated by a corrupt media (BBC) who impose an unlawful tax (tv licence), whos sole aim is to hide the truth and deny the peope of their constitutional and lawful rights. Why have the BBC not shown the uprising of ‘Yellow Vests’ in France? Is it because they were told not to. Why do the BBC not inform the people of their constitutional rights? Is it because they are part of a plot to keep the people dumb and in the dark?

Is the role of the BBC to keep and to hold the government of the day, parliament and monarchy accountable, as after all the BBC charter mentions they are a public services broadcaster. The BBC is paid for by the people as part of a draconian tax the people of the UK must pay or face prison. No other country has such an oppressive tax regime. The purpose, to use the taxes collected to keep the people ignorant and on the back foot through media, news and other means. The UK people do not forget the BBC masked institutionalised sex offending for decades and there is no doubt the BBC hides other dark secrets from the people. Many believe the BBC should be closed.

Number 5. The UK is the fifth largest economy, a country that created much of the Industrialised world…

The UK is a laughing stock, frequently ridiculed, a global joke, and I for one do not like it. It is not what my father and my parents generation fought for during WWII to free the world from another tyranny, as a scared 19 year old on SWORD beach during D Day. It is not British, a nation whose constitution is born from the Magna Carta 1215 and used as the basis of constitutions for 80% of the countries of the free world.

“Do the people have the right for Lawful Rebellion” — which I will go into later…

Failure, deceit, manipulation of the people, of parliament and democracy. The Conservative party, voted into power to represent the British people, have consistently failed to deliver any form of Brexit. Many believe the political elite have gone against the people in a clear act of treason and there are not happy. I can see why they will not accept this. Civil unrest will likely follow if the Lawful Rebellion is denied as a constitutional right. The Labour party under a Blair government continually and it now emerges unlawfully passed and handed power to the EU, no doubt promised incentives by the EU and can be accused of work closely with the EU against the UK.

The people voted to leave the EU. The Prime Minister, Theressa May and her party, and parliament itself (Commons and Lords) have failed the people, clearly placing their needs before those of the people, have created a Constitutional Crisis. Members of Parliament have vandalised British democracy and it isn’t over yet. The damage maybe permanent.

The people should act now!

The British Constitution matters…

The constitution matters, well it does to me. I was born in Whitechapel into a large east London family who served for King and Country in two world wars, hard working people, who want to believe the government, and the politicians are working hard for our benefit, to protect our rights and enforce and deliver the collective will of the people based on a trusted constitution. Trust in government is fundamental, to rely on them to enact and deliver for the people based on a democratic Brexit vote. It is the basis of our sovereignty and lies at the heart of a great nation.

Trust in government and the political system is now gone. New generations, millennials will not vote for this type of government and have been subverted by a mistaken socialist agenda, as they witness a self serving capitalist system that makes the Kleptocrats richer and richer, a new ‘landed gentry’. The system appears to be is rotten to the core, corrupted by career politicians that act for themselves. With few exceptions most are useless. Many see them as traitors that need to be replaced. The Queen the constitutional head of state sits on the sidelines and does nothing.

To suggest and allow a second referendum because some didn’t like the outcome, not only undermines our democracy it vandalises the peoples’ constitutional rights, especially those 17.4m people of the United Kingdom that voted to leave. And why a second vote is seen as an act of treason, because it works against the democratic vote to leave. The people who voted ‘remain’ who do not accept a democratic vote it would seem would rather collapse and bring down democracy than do what is best for the country, should be held accountable. It is wrong and should not be entertained.

The government has systematically failed to respect the Constitutional rights of people which is as defined by Common Law, is also considered by many unlawful. Four times parliament has rejected a proposed Brexit deal. Now government appears to have gone rogue, voting for deals without the peoples knowledge, involvement and authority.

The people voted leave. To leave the EU which includes the Customs Union and Shengan area to no longer allow free movement of labour across 26 EU countries. The people did not agree to give a €39billion parting gift to the EU.

The peoples response…to invoke Article 61

“When the People invoke Article 61, they are saying quite clearly that they feel they are being governed unjustly. After serving upon the head of state a list of grievances and a time to redress said grievances to no avail, then the choice to enter in to Lawful Rebellion is our last opportunity to rectify the injustice forced upon us. Lawful Rebellion is fully protected by Constitutional Law!”

The people a number of constitutional weapons at their disposal from the Magna Carta, updated and reinforced during the Glorious Revolution of 1650 that put in place mecahisms to ensure parliamment and monarchy (landed gentry) could not subvert power and impose unjust rule over the people of the Kingdom. These laws cannot be repealed, forgotten or ignored. They were not created by parliament and thus cannot be changed without the peoples vote. The people have not been asked or voted on these laws, they remain.

Article 61 is a safeguard against unjust government, and now the May government is seen as a corrupted party that refuses to recognise Common Laws which are there to protect the people, thereby perceived as an act of tyranny, similar to a fascist regime who want to remove democratic rights, to allow the core doctrine of the EU, to destroy nation states, politically and fiscally rather than take to arms as they had in the past. But the result is the same thing. Look at Greece a country now owned by creditors from the EU and mainly Germany banks.

The historical experts many of whom paid by the BBC (and media) reporting the laws from the Magna Carta no longer apply. And while some of the 37 Laws have been repealed and replaced, Article 61 cannot be. It was set as a treaty for the people, can only be undone by the people. And yes the Magna Carta is used as the basis of Constitutional Law around the world today.

“All the main principles of the Bill of Rights are still in force today, and the Bill of Rights continues to be cited in legal cases in the UK and in Commonwealth countries. It has a primary place in a wider national historical narrative of documents which established the rights of Parliament and set out universal civil liberties, starting with Magna Carta in 1215. It also has international significance, as it was a model for the US Bill of Rights 1789, and its influence can be seen in other documents which establish rights of human beings, such as the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights”

Governments’ purpose to govern and not rule…

Let us also not forget the America constitution is based on the Magna Carta. Other countries face constitutional crossroads as their governments act without the peoples permission, taking them into wars, diiluting their sovereignty and imposing draconian laws. Much of the free world have constitutions based on UK Common Laws that protect the people. The peoples constitutional rights were further embodied and enforced in The Declarations of Rights 1688 and the Bill of Rights 1689 hat was the basis of the Glorious Revolution that ended serfdom and empowered the people as workers to work for whom they wish.

The Glorious Revolution was aimed at restricting the landed gentry (the monarchy) and limit the powers of Parliament, when their actions we deemed to work against the people.

This is now!

It is evident the Brexit debacle is an act of aggression by parliament to rob the people of their constitutional rights, to vote freely with an expectation the government will deliver the outcome voted for.

In the two years since the referendum this has not happened. Deals proposed by a toothless government were not deals the people voted for, and now parliament is voting for what it wants to get any deal, and not necessarily what the people want.

Magna Carta — the basis of constitutional constraint, royal perogative and the laws and customs of the United Kingdon…

“Lets be reminded the Magna Carta was written to provide Rights to the citizens of England. The document was signed by King John of England (1166–1216), the King was coerced in to signing the charter.

By signing the charter King John in effect reduced his power as the King of England. The Magna Carta also allowed for the creation of a Parliament. The Parliament was established to represent the will of the people. English citizens Rights was established by the signing of the Magna Carta. Their status as Freemen was reinstated.”

In summary in 1769 Sir William Blacktone a judge affirmed the constitutional settlement of the Glorious Revolution (The Declarations of Rights 1688 and the Bill of Rights 1689) to be the undeniable duty of the Monarchy, Government and Parliament as a constitutional obligation (to this day) to comply with their oaths of allegiance and office in obediance to our constitutional law. The Glorious Revolution removed supremacy for the Monarch, to Parliament or the Prime Minister. The laws insisted these bodies enforced and not diminish them, which is happening now.

The public place trust in our politicians is a matter of contract law requring them to perform this duty. To preserve our spiritual and civil rights and properties, a legal duty to protect the constitution.

Some claim the Magna Carta is a 1297 statute, but it is a Treaty that cannot be repealed by parliament as they did not create it!

Peoples Rights

ARTICLE 61 is the real deal!

The peoples right to Lawful Rebellion…but what does this mean?

The law states that the people have sovereignty, not parliament.

Parliament has no power to remove Article 61 as it is supported by Common Law of the people, and any attempt would be illegal and unlawful. It is a safeguard to protect the people from monarchy and parliament, and rogue governments in power!

What happens next? The people can demand Article 61 is invoked.

Whilst a petition for hard Brexit is good, a petition sent to the Queen to invoke Article 61 is more appropriate. The Queen then has 40 days to correct this. If this is not corrected the people have the right to enter Lawful Rebellion with the full protection of Constitutional Law.

The Queen as Monarch has a obligation to protect the constitution for the people, by the people. These powers can form or depose, and re-form government, based on the need to protect the people from an injust government and parlianment. It is likely the UK has reached this crossroads.

Lawful Rebellion, what can people legally do?

  1. Full refusal to pay any taxes, fines and any other forms of monies to support and or benefit said unlawful governance of this country (in other words people have the lawful right to no longer fund a perceived treasonous government)
  2. Full refusal to abide by any law, Legislation or Statutory Instrument is deemed invalid, if this is unlawful governance that is in breach of the Constitutional Safeguard (the people may call out and shall not respond to legislation, especially EU law that depletes the Constitutional Safeguard)
  3. To hinder in any way possible, all actions of the treasonous Government of this land, who have breached the Constitutional Safeguard, defined with no form of violence in any way, just lawful hindrance under the freedoms granted and asserted by the Constitutional Law & Article 61 ( these include powers to obstruct and hider said government, parliament and monarch who are acting against the people, including any attempts to repeal or not recognise Common Law as defined from the Magan Carta and Glorious Revolution)

The Peoples Rights

The people have the right to be governed properly under Common Law and not the law under pretence of British Law, colluded by government with the aim to surpress.

Since 1973 all laws passed have been European Laws that do not fit or meet the terms of our Common Law. They remain illegal.

The Magna Carta was design to proiect the peoples sovereignty and connot be removed by anyone other than the people of this land, as this stands for the only true rule of law and no one without exception is above the law.

Call to Action

It is up to the people of the UK to do something. To organise and activate, to push back and to hold the corruptible government, parliament and political system, who has consistently committed acts against the people and the constitution. Democracy has been vadalised by parliament.

It is worth remembering mainstream media is controlled by government, the BBC has been labelled the channel of lies and opression of the people. The recent uprising of “yellow vests” in France was not reported on BBC, nor was the legal opinion that Theresa May did not have legal rights to extend Brexit beyond 29th March 2019. And by doing so automatically triggered hard Brexit which the government ignores.

“There appears no media coverage of the concept of “Lawful Rebellion”, simply because the Government controlled media does not want you to be aware of the subject!”

It is time for the people of the UK to wake up. The BBC’s purpose is to keep the people dumb, on the back foot and report misinformation from government .

The UK Government seems to be colluding and acting against the will, and constitutional rights of the people...

The government and the wilful collusion of Parliament on all sides, the House of Commons meant to represent Common people and Law, and the House of Lords that represent the Kleptocrats have demonstrated over two years of Brexit they are prepared to disregard the will and votes of the people.

The Monarch, our constitutional Queen must act and has 40 days to do so, when the people invoke Article 61. Failure to dissolve government and put in place a parliament that will support Common Law and the Constitutional Law, will be a clear signal for the people to act independently within the powers granted by the Lawful Rebellion.

Can the Government stop a person from entering in to Lawful Rebellion?

“Any action done by Government that attempts to abolish this power, which is possessed by the People is not binding. It is also invalid to try to remove this power from the point of restraint that the People have invested the power in, as these actions would fall outside of the limitations given to the People through Common or Constitutional Law!”

“This is a safeguard that has been put in place for the purpose of protecting our Freedoms under Law and to never allow said Freedoms to be removed or curtailed. So the truth is that any Act, Statute or ensuing Law or Legislation which is established by these actions, and affects our Freedoms given to us upon our birth is by definition unjust, invalid, and most important illegal.”

Bottom line. The people vote government into power. The people have the rights and powers to remove government. A corrupt government that is prepared to work against the people, our monarch has the power to dissolve. There are laws in place, Theresa May and the Commons and Lords are ignoring, is this because they are a self serving, morally corrupt set of individuals, that are not working for the country they are meant to govern.

Do they consider themselves above the law, without obligation to the people. It is a sad day. Democracy appears to be no more.

If the people want democracy they must fight for it.

“Ignorance is Strengthened”

Author: Nick Ayton

Opinion piece based on publically available information with links shown in the material above. Sources: Wikipedia, Reality Bites, HubPages, ShenganVisaInfo, EU website.

I am proud to be part of the United Kingdom where I can trace my ancestors to the 10th century in England and Scotland, and from France. My father fought in WWII as did more than 10 other members of the family. Our family runs several businesses in the UK and contributes to employment, taxes and net GDP output. The UK will always be part of Europe, but there is no reason to be part of the EU club, a construct for which we receive no direct benefits, and our constitution and rule of law does not support this.



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