It is time for the people to invoke Article 61 — The Lawful Rebellion

“The public place trust in our politicians is a matter of contract law requring them to perform this duty. To preserve our spiritual and civil rights and properties, a legal duty to protect the constitution”.

Time for real change

“Do the people have the right for Lawful Rebellion” — which I will go into later…

Magna Carta — the basis of constitutional constraint, royal perogative and the laws and customs of the United Kingdon…

Some claim the Magna Carta is a 1297 statute, but it is a Treaty that cannot be repealed by parliament as they did not create it!

Peoples Rights

What happens next? The people can demand Article 61 is invoked.

“There appears no media coverage of the concept of “Lawful Rebellion”, simply because the Government controlled media does not want you to be aware of the subject!”

The UK Government seems to be colluding and acting against the will, and constitutional rights of the people...

Can the Government stop a person from entering in to Lawful Rebellion?



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