How technology really impacts Culture, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

Nick Ayton
15 min readJan 13, 2023
Technology in our hands…

Is Technology Culture? Is Culture Technology?

Technology has taken over many aspects of our lives, especially in the connected first world economies, and whilst many that live in third world situations, the pervasive nature of tech has arrived in the form of satellite comms and mobile phones that has interrupted the natural rhythms of life, of evolution. The advent of StarLink and others will mean very soon every part of the planet will be connected to an inevitable technological future.

I’ve been working in technology for more than 45 years, learned computer science in the 1970’s and it is easy to forget the impact of technology on our lives, our behaviours and society at large. We take it for granted and have become accustomed to using technology often without thinking about its broader implications, how it has fundamentally changed us, it is worth reminding us of the Good, Bad and Ugly side of what technology. What can we expect in the years ahead as the rate of technological change accelerates, as Moore’s Law runs out of puff, superseded by new more pervasive and powerful technologies such as Quantum Computing, Artificial General Intelligence and Fusion, will move Culture in new directions.

Everything is impacted by technology that is so deeply embedded in our society, it can be argued it is also dictating our path as a civilisation — to prosperity or indeed rapid destruction. Whilst much of it (tech) is considered good, seen as progressive, we often overlook and ignore the darker side due to our reliance, our obsession and addiction to technology. We look past the harmful because of what tech brings in terms of convenience, lifestyle and immediate gratification benefits. Yet some of the outcomes, bi-products and consequences of tech is quite ugly, as yes you can have too much of a good thing.

But what is Culture exactly?

I am defining Culture as -common beliefs, norms, practises, behaviours, and artefacts that distinguish a group or community are referred to as Culture. Culture encompasses all forms of creative expression and human expression, including the arts, literature, music, fashion, gastronomy, and others. It also includes the social…



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