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April 2019 (updated December 2019)

Recent Crypto Press Articles:

A certain Crypto Press author Mr On Yavin has a sustained campaign against Chainstarter, 21Million and me. His goal to discredit our business and its staff.

His orginal article, picked up by CCN, makes claims accusing Chainstarter Ltd of being involved in certain ICO projects that are associated with scams. This is despite public facts these projects launched their own ICOs (internally) without using third parties.

Mr On Yavin has no credibility in the crypto, Blockchain industry, his background appears to be running websites and marketing activities, where he drives traffic by attacking various high profile people in the sector. He enjoys making sensationalist statements, he is obsessed with self promotion and has no business interests in the UK to speak of (see associated article) . Simple research looking at his claims show there are no supporting facts.

The articles also discusses the well publicised dispute between Mr Lofts and 21Million Productions Ltd. Old ground I am afraid. 21Million was a successful ICO and on 13th december 2019 successfully launched the pilot to the TV Series. Investors have been informed and what was promised in the white paper has been delivered.

Chainstarter Ltd: response to accusations of supporting scam ICO projects

Mr On Yavin a self proclaimed crypto policeman likes to attack people and projects and he gets off on it. He ignores basic facts and likes to attack people he doesn’t like. He suggests Chainstarter Ltd which builds Blockchain technology was involved in Envion ICO and Crypto Millions projects, where both handled their own ICOs internally and did NOT use a third party to launch their tokens. He also conveniently ignores the Munchee project that received a ‘cease and desist’ order from SEC was at the time signed to Ambisafe an ICO provider based in Palo Alto California.

Chainstarter is a technology provider and at the time provided projects access to our primary issuance platform for launching tokens to accredited investors and token buyers who have to pass KYC/AML. Chainstarter does not handle marketing or promotion of ICO projects and tokens. Unlike Mr Yavin, whos company that openly promotes securities without being both regulated and authorised.

Any serious journalist would have done their research and would know this. But the article was published knowing this information to be false.

It is a matter of public record that Envion and Crypto Millions handled their own ICO, wrote their smart contracts and managed inbound monies, token distribution and key management.

Envion ruling:

Chainstarter is a technology company focuses on technology to support Security Token Offerings (STOs) and the Primary Issuance platform is used for only sophisticated and accredited investors. Chainstarter has also built trading exchanges which it licenses.

Envion CEO wanted to use the Chainstarter KYC solution. I wrote to him declining his request to use our tech.

Email to Envion CEO declining to work with the ICO

Munchee was a signed up client of Ambisafe. The Cease and Desist order from the SEC and subsequent ICO report of the project shows, the project was closed down within 24 hours and all the monies sent back to buyers.

Other accusations by Mr Yavin suggests Living Offset, a project where I was an adviser, that also didn’t go forward, were issuing a security token, when in fact they project pivoted to a Utility play registered in Isle of Man. Unfortunately another great project who wanted to reward users for off setting their carbon footprint, couldn’t get sufficient traction, was attacked for trying by Mr Yavin.

The 21Million Project: Response to accusations of misdirected funds

it is strange that Mr Yavin hates the success of the 21Million project, because it has delivered what was promised. It launched the pilot for the TV series on 13th December 2019, a little over 2 years after the ICO.

It is on public record that I, as 100% shareholder, was entitled to sack a Mr David Lofts for non performance and for a range of other gross misconduct issues including IP theft, mismanagement of company funds, acting against the company while a director, breach of fiduciary duties that were handled by our lawyers Fieldfisher LLP and Clinton’s LLP.

Mr Lofts via Mr Yavin makes several statements and claims. However Mr Loft’s a serial offender was neither a shareholder not had access to bank accounts and other financial information. And so it is not clear where he gets his information to support claims of mismanagement and misdirection of company funds. Or is it speculative mischieve aimed at damaging a project and company from which he was ousted.

It was also reported by Lofts and Yavin the 21Million project raised $37.5m in one article and $3.57m in another. Etherscan clearly shows this amount is entirely exagerate for effect. The (smart contract address here) shows that back in June 2017 the project raise a little over $400k to make a TV series trailer, when Ether was at $320.00.

One of the reasons Mr Lofts was outsted is that it transpires he stole the orginal story, and then he claimed it as his own work… I received a CCJ from Mr Michael Sands who Mr Lofts had engaged to write the 21Million story line, come up with the characters and the film treatment. Mr Lofts then passed the content off as his own, and refused to pay them. I settled this CCJ out of court as well as others claims against the company, created by Mr Lofts.

Mr Sands who wrote this email to me.

Email 10th April 2018 from Mr Sands confirming Mr Lofts stole the story

Other facts: The 21Million ICO was handled by TokenMarket (now part of the FCA sandbox) based in Gibraltar. There are 75m 21M tokens minted. Approx 1.8m remain in circulation. Multi-Sig wallet holds the balance of 73m 21Ms. TokenMarket CTO, and a partner at a Gibraltar based law firm and myself are nominated on the multi-sig wallet.

TV Series Trailer HSAH#

The trailer has been filmed in Shoreditch, London as a short film and was screened on 13th December 2019 at SOHO House.

The story follows founders of a Blockchain company that make a discovery as a basilisk, they get embroiled in a dark web of corporate and geopolitical intrigue as the body count starts to increase.

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