Big trends and moves in Quantum Computing during 2022

Nick Ayton
4 min readJan 2, 2022
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What can we expect from one of my favourite Deep Tech subjects — Quantum Computing, Sensing and Communications and Quantum everything…

As 2021 closed we saw significant momentum from the bigger brands that are betting the house on quantum to save their business models — IBM, Honeywell…and some moves by AWS and other tech giants that recognise they need to have a story, a position and offering.

Then we saw the SPAC craze finally enter quantum realms with the IONQ arrival on the New York Stock Exchange — a full stack quantum company…who will. Soon have their hands on $600m to deliver on their promise. And we expect a string of others in 2022 including Rigetti, and no doubt PSIQ, Xanadu and others will follow…

The second half of 2021 saw several key mergers and partnerships…non more interesting that Cambridge Quantum Computing and Honeywell’s Quantum business unit. Now formally merged and in 2022 will trade as Quantinuum.

It is also likely the big VC firms will try to dominate and corner the market in Quantum as valuations are likely to rise quickly having witnessed what is going on in enterprise AI and specifically BioTech Ai. They like to buy and pump that also keeps everything for themselves.

At government level increased spending continues with more grants and capital piling into Quantum as the Intelligence Community want to get to the future first. With Putin’s words ringing in their ears “the nation that leads in AI ‘will be the ruler of the world” during 2022 we will more formally witness the shroud of a new ‘quantum cold war’ descend as certain nation states struggling with economic certainty are betting on being able to hacks prosperous nations.

When one looks at the available Quantum processing market — actual quit processing for use, capacity is already at 100%. Whilst qubit processing options are limited, available capacity for the foreseeable future is already taken. Purchased, committed, gone.

This position also masks a deeper issue for Quantum that will deepen during 2022 as the skills shortage bites hard. The best Quantum and Physics talent is being snapped up. Some of the best people tempted away from academia while others future stars are being courted by large pay…



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