Photonic Processor — by ACM

This person is a MIMIC

You’re going to be replaced by ‘mimics’ — software routines, Bots and insertions that already impersonate you…

I was on a Zoom call with someone the other day that I thought I recognised, but didn’t know that well. But then I was told it was a ‘mimic’? It was not a real person. A minis? At first I couldn’t see it?

Quantum Neural Networks have arrived

The emergence of Quantum AI is likely to rattle a lot of cages and scare those in power or with something to hide…

As many people have already said (Hawking, Musk, Gates) Artificial Intelligence is probably the most profound advancement in technology that can have a significant positive impact on humanity or expedite its demise.

Its more than just Doing Good…humanity surviving may depend on it!
Multi Generation Families

Shifting sands — are Family Offices refocusing their Investment approach

There are three trends reshaping the Family Office landscape.

Changing of the guard

Nick Ayton

Nick Ayton is a Deep Tech advisory to Boardrooms & Investors, Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain specialist. Futurist speaker. Film Maker

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