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HAWKING famously said “AI will end humanity”

Wouldn’t you like to know how things play out before the worlds next biggest event?

The HSAH# story I described at a recent press event as a before the event TV Series. In the same way the Big Short was an after the event explanation of what almost brought the financial system down.

The TV Series that starts with the HSAH# pilot episode acts as a wake up, a call to action, a reference point to what is really going on in a technology obsessed and enabled Deep State. As governments have shown themselves to be working against the collective interests of the people, global citizens are responding. The people remain unaware of a new profound and dangerous technology, that has just pulled into the station. A technology that is so pervasive and destructive, the very future of our civilisation may already be compromised.

Ignorance is Strengthened

Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence (as QuantumAI) herald the arrival of the 4th Wealth Creation Revolution, that followed steam, electricity, transistors before it. At each stage technology that shaped the world and what happened within it. Driving new wealth, enabling world wars and tools to suppress the population to keep the kleptocrats in power. But whilst steam and electricity powered the birth of industry, and transistors powered the Information Age of miniaturisation and classical computing. The arrival of Quantum AI is a very very different proposition, innately destructive, and makes these early breakthroughs feel like the discovery of fire or the wheel, as it reveals how the world around us actually works. Making everything we have achieved so far seem insignificant.

There is no doubt in the minds of many AI remains an existential threat to humankind, with Elon Musk and Bill Gates delivering strong warnings of how things may play out. Many believe AI will lead to a dystopian future, a force of good that equalises wealth and equality, or an enabler that may be used against us all, that will become computerised Artificial SuperIntelligence. With Quantum computing behind it, the rate of advancement and scale of change within a decade will push us the the brink.

And here lies the premise of the 21Million story…

…It is the advanced warning of what is to come…

In many ways our target audience is everyone. In reality it will be those who are knowingly concerned, looking for answers and unhappy with how the world is managed. They have a feeling all is not well and they would be right…

Humankind is reliant on a disenfranchised generation — the YZ’s 14 to 38. A generation that are different to any generation before them. A generation that are social media and tech savvy, that consume content in ‘blasts’, they have an innate distrust of government and they have turned their backs on the financial system that tries to sell them failed products from a different generation.

A generation that demands a new future and insist on being treated differently. A generation that few understand, brands struggle to reach, who prefer the gig-economy rather than office bound 9–5. A consumer workforce who support causes, they are rejecting animal proteins in millions, are taking to th streets demonstrating about extinction events, abandoning Facebook, want to control their lives and identities, a generation that already represents 55% of the global working population.

Data Point:

Gen Y section of the border group millennials born between 1980–1994 aged between 25–39. Gen Z born 1995–2015 between 4–24 years old, that are rapidly becoming the largest global group.

A generation that is awakened, want to be aware and are starting to see through fake news and manipulation and stop feeding the consumption. They know they are being lied too, misled and have witnessed the dismantling of previous generations hard work. Grandparents that risked their lives for country, parents that were mis-sold pensions, mortgages and government enabled events that robbed them of their saving, as they were asked to bail out the banks while a corrupted central banking system continues to print new money until its is worthless. Gen YZ are behind a new wave of sweeping global-rightism as they see through the strategies of the political class, that erode national sovereignty and is selling them short. A political class that ignores recent history, focuses on the next election, ignores what the people want and taken us to the lowest level of trust of any generation before. The people are unhappy, they are taking to the streets, they are knowingly concerned and they want answers. This is our 21Million audience…

The techies, the geeks, conspiracy theorists, the Rationalist movement, computer scientists, quantum mechanics, cryptographers, the students, the vegans, the animal activists, new libertarians and all of those people looking for answers, who want to be challenged with a plot that has many layers, is technically accuracy and mirrors what is going on today.

With the YZ generation have largely disengaged from the mainstream. They are not paying attention to many of the things that are about to undermine their futures. The 21Million objective, to grab attention, inform and inspire. A generation that is knowingly concerned but may not yet be aware of the far deeper secrets that is being kept from them. As things are happening in stealth where the rules of science, computer science and physics have already changed challenged like never before that will push civilisation to the brink.

Hollywood would have you believe it will be humans versus machines (terminator robots) , portrayed in most genre of movies where the robot hunts us to extinction. This view is engrained into our dreams as machines develop Skynet that looks to eradicate humans. But of course the reality is far darker and more serious than many understand.

As two world wars and Iraq, Syria demonstrate, our civilisation, our infrastructure and our society remains fragile and it will not take much of a push to tip the balance, on a global scale.

We are facing a world of Artificial Intelligence where Machine Learning and simple algorithms analyse and make sense of huge amounts of data and information to second guess our every move. To sell us more stuff, get us to vote and follow what we do… As autonomous cars hit our streets, as fly by wire planes take us on holiday, and Amazon knows what we need before we do, humankind has an increasing reliance on the next evolution that is Artificial Intelligence. Little bits of software code in each and every device that collectively starts to make sense of human behaviours and everything around us.

The experts will tell you most AI is passive, narrow in its function and not a threat. What they are describing is simple Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms driven my mathematics, for sorting and matching.

How do we define AI?

Many reference AI when they mean something different. They have a vision of a machine, a robot that speaks and seemingly behaves human as per the Turing test. But I will argue we are way past Singularity and what people perceive as AI is just the beginning.

May be not as the AI out of the box doesnt hate us, unless we become the objective.

But what happens if that future state does not involve humans? And then we have the myths and misinformation about Quantum Computing in a week that saw Google announce Supremacy. Many academics and government paid experts maintain useful Quantum Computers are decades away, when the reality is, that it is already here.

Quantum companies have been funded by government agencies for the past 15 years with most in stealth mode. The denial is deafening as the race for AI Supremacy between US and China accelerates, as academia are given huge funding and new Quantum companies are immediately ‘black boxed’. Where government impose themselves and their cash on the founders.

Quantum Computing has the ability to solve the biggest challenges humankind faces as traditional computing has now reached the end of the runway. Quantum Computing remains the most significant advancement in science, computing ever. Delivering massive 1mXXX in power over the worlds most powerful current generation of computers. It is this ‘brute force’ in the wrong hands makes us all vulnerable.

We are entering a new age of civilisation, as we are able to cure disease, increase human longevity decades and unlock any encryption making every security system on the planet open, useless and vulnerable. Imagine a world where you are told you data and information is not safe, although in reality regardless of Data Privacy Laws, Big Tech firms already own all your data.

We follow Josh, a computer science geek who makes a discovery that advances computer science 30 years, creating a basilisk (where everyone that knows is immediately placed at risk), with devastating consequences. But Josh holds far deeper secrets as he remains concerned about the existential threat of AI. The series plays out against a backdrop of the race for AI supremacy between US and China.

It is important we tell this story and a fiction/fact TV Series as a Tech Thriller is the best medium for this. The pilot episode sets the scene of what is to come and leaves questions behind. Season starts with a 100 minute opener followed by 5 TV length episodes and a season finale.

Author: Nick Ayton

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Nick Ayton is a Deep Tech advisory to Boardrooms & Investors, Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain specialist. Futurist speaker. Film Maker

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