10 Quantum Computer Use Cases that will change the world by 2030…

Nick Ayton
11 min readDec 3, 2021
Quantum Processing — all at once

Lots of people speculate the impact Quantum Computers will have by 2030, which is less than a decade away, we are witnessing the exponential scaling effects of Deep Tech technologies in an ‘all at once’ future — the world is in for a massive shock…

Here are 10 Use Cases that will become mainstream where early versions are already making an impact.

1. Accelerate AI

Quantum Computers will accelerate the efficiency and speed of learning of Artificial Intelligence systems, specifically Machine Learning algorithms helping them assimilate and make sense of vast quantities of data not yet contemplated. With 90% of our data created in the past 5 years our new sensory world will require Quantum Computers to help us deal with a new world where everything is recorded.

Quantum machines will spawn new types of Neural Networks that can optimise, compete and make sense of multiple data and information types on the fly — coming in from all sources — sensors, drones, wearables, transportation systems, our homes, cars and the clothes we wear. Conventional computers cannot find the outcomes or make predictions fast enough and why humanity struggles to solve difficult problems — which is where Quantum Computers take over.

Quantum machines calculate all solutions at once, simultaneously. Are you there yet? The example I often use is finding the Ace of Spade in a pack of 52 cards. Classical computers turn cards one at a time, so there is a 1:52 chance or less if you get lucky — in a shuffled pack. A Quantum Computer turns 52 cards over in a single turn — the probability of finding the Ace of Spades is always 1. Quantum Machines offer multipliers of computational states which very quickly scales to more computational states than there are atoms in the universe at just 300 qubits.

The scary part is the ability of AI to help other AI mimic humans, but also pass the Turing test, being able to copy humans accurately and impersonate them becomes as photorealistic as games when plugged into Quantum Machines — will entirely blur the lines between real and fake.



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