Back in 2016 I delivered a keynote to the Chief Digital Officers event in London, where they were discussing the revelations that was the next big thing — Digital Transformation…and I couldn’t believe the complete tosh I was hearing. And it’s getting worse.

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It was certainly a case of ‘the emperors new clothes’ as the so called CDOs espoused the benefits of going digital and that digital transformation was the answer to future organisational success, although couldn’t give any examples where it had worked.

I have never been shy so I explained to the audience — why Digital Transformation is…

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As the competitive rulebook plays out there are often two or more new technologies competing for their futures, that emerge from the crowd that have the potential to win-to become the de-facto standard. And sometimes the best technology doesn’t always win. Much of the equation comes down to market penetration, share and brand association as we saw with VHS battling with Betamax in the 1980’s, previously IBM Mainframes competing with distributed mini computing DEC (Digital Equipment Company).

In few cases one or more brands impose their preferred technology model, their stack, their standard as with IOS and Android, who after…

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Whilst investing in companies developing Quantum machines is capturing all the glory and attention, there is another branch of Quantum Computing called PQC or Post Quantum Cryptography and it is available today. And it is one of the fastest growing areas in technology and something every business and government needs right now…

The so called ‘Quantum Threat’ has been confirmed by the intelligence community that have real concerns Quantum Computers will render all their security systems useless. The question is not IF but WHEN.,

A Quantum Computer is a different kind of computer that can perform specific tasks many millions…

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Image: Quantum Machine — TechCrunch

2020 was an amazing year in Quantum Computing (QC) as we saw it enter mainstream debates, established itself with new events and conferences, and we witnessed new levels of awareness sweep the globe as people wake up to the potential of this new alien technology.

Quantum Computers kept grabbing major headlines across all media and we saw record levels of capital flowing into Quantum Information Sciences (QIS) from both the public and private sectors.

Notably a few large brands upped their game with Honeywell announcing their arrival onto the Quantum arena to take on Google, Intel, Microsoft and IBM, brands…

Amidst the numerous bankruptcies and foreclosures of some the largest brands and retailers, with tens of thousands of smaller family businesses closing their doors, we are witnessing the collapse of the enitre consumer retail sector.

The consumer retail sector — shopping malls, food & beverage, entertainment, hospitality and live events, bars & clubs and restaurants has never faced a crisis like this one. Not even the 2008 financial crisis comes close. A sector that is traditionally seen as the barometer of the economy against which governments determine inflation and the health of a nation.

There is little doubt Covid19 has…

The People require answers, committment and truth…

A post Covid19 world is likely to be different is many ways as our behaviours and activities have adjusted to what many consider will be a new norm. Where social distancing, a focus on hygiene, avoiding crowds and confined spaces where many people gather, will continue.

The public have many questions and concerns not just about the handling of the crisis and why the UK has ended up one of the worst hit countries. The primarily question on everyones mind.

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We the People…

What comes next?

How do we start to lift the ‘lock down’ ?

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Many founders are looking to raise capital as we head into the eye of the storm that is Covid19. A crisis of epic proportions, far different to 2008 crisis and others that went before. And for many founders and CEOs this may be the first time they have experienced something like this. Forced to work from home, make harder decisions, revisit business plans and models.

remeber every crisis spawns new opportunities and markets. The birth of Fintech and Bitcoin came about in 2009 as banks were constrained, weren’t lending and public behaviours were nervous.

So what about this crisis. What…

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Everyone thinks they have a story inside them, and they probably do, but the process to get the story told is complex, the journey is long and the industry almost impossible to penetrate.

ONE: How to get you story down on paper…

I had never written a script for a TV Series/Film before, but I had done quite a lot of writing articles and papers. There are many people that write books about writing, and many You Tube videos and master classes. Some useful, others not.

What are you writing? A book/novel. a TV show or Film. Each has there…

January 2020

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I guess often the ‘making of’ the film is as interesting as the story itself. Often many films and TV shows almost never got made as the founders, artists, directors and studios just fall out, don’t see eye to eye, or get along… So it’s no surprise here. However, in the case of 21Million the bust up was not due to creative differences, it was due to something far darker.

The Project.

The objective of the 21Million Project was to raise capital from the cryptocurrency market to make a pilot episode (sampler) for a film or TV show…

Nick Ayton

Nick Ayton is a Deep Tech advisory to Boardrooms & Investors, Quantum Computing, AI, Blockchain specialist. Futurist speaker. Film Maker

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